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Trialling for membership of SPSRC

We are currently running at almost full capacity but vacancies do occur in all age groups during the year, particularly following renewal of annual memberships in May/June.

Trials are held once or sometimes twice a year and are usually at the beginning of new school terms. Scheduled trial dates will be shown on this page once confirmed.

Applicants must be a minimum of 8 years old.

In order to attend a club trial you will need to complete an application form (see below) and forward it to the Club Secretary, together with video footage of the applicant skiing on snow.

Once received, your trial date will be confirmed, subject to the applicant meeting the clubs criteria.

Each trialist must attend one trial as a minimum, but may be invited to two. Once the trial has been undertaken the club coach will make his recommendations to the committee for acceptance in to the club or otherwise.

Club Trials

Trials will be held throughout the year - please apply by completing an Application Form
We will Invite successful applicants to join both a ski training session (Tuesday or Sunday) and fitness session (held on a Sunday)